Why bother with a mock interview?

If you’ve spent any time on this site you will know that the right preparation is the foundation of the interview success you hope to achieve. There are a number of things you can do to put the knowledge you gain into practice, and one of them is to perform a mock interview. This is your chance for a dress rehearsal for the real thing, and it will do three key things for you;

Improve presentation

You will become more aware of the way you present yourself as you get (honest) feedback. Ask yourself what worked, and what didn’t and think about how you will improve in the real thing.

Banish interview nerves

Interview nerves stem from not knowing what to expect, and not knowing if you are up to it. A well designed practice interview can help you make molehills of these mountains.

Increase confidence

Confidence comes from having the self belief of knowing you can deliver. Since you have prepared, you know what the interviewer wants and you know how you will give it to them, your confidence will increase.

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You will need to create as real a picture of possible of what the interview will look like. Get all the job interview information you can. Find out what type of interview you will face, and define clearly in your mind what the interviewer is looking for. Think about the , and which they are most likely to ask you, then draw up some interview answers. When you’re ready its time to set up your mock interview. focus on your delivery, the way you say what you say, and doing so with a relaxed air of confidence. Think about what the interviewer would have seen, and how you will improve next time…………………then do it again, practice makes perfect after all :-)

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