Interview Help is at hand

Need a little interview help? Maybe all you have so far are few words of advice from your family and friends. But don’t worry; there are some great sources of help out there. You just have to know what they are, and how to make use of them.

Recruitment Consultants

Your recruitment consultant can be a great source of job interview information.

Plus, they know what the employer is looking for, and they know how your competition measures up, on paper at least. In fact, the hiring manager may well ask them for their advice on the candidates they have put forward. A good word can do a lot for you.

Make the effort to build a strong relationship with your consultant. Even if this particular opportunity doesn’t work out for you they can be on the lookout for other great roles for you.

Human Resources

HR can be a useful source of information some of the time. Certainly when you are looking for general details, they can be very valuable.

The drawback of the HR function when it comes to interview help is that in most companies large enough to have one, the HR department can be quite far removed from the “shop floor”. Often HR are the last people to know what is really going on, and I’ve heard that from many a line manager.

Use HR for details about the type of interview you will face, and for general company information you can use as part of your interview research.

The Internet

You have to do your homework if you really want the job. Since you’re here on this site I probably don’t need to tell you that the internet can be a great source of information to help you in the job hunt. You can use the web to source information in a few minutes that in the past would have been almost impossible to get your hands on. Make the most of it.

Family and friends

When it comes to advice your family and other well wishers may not necessarily be in a position to give you the interview help you need. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be of assistance in other ways. Here are some of the ways they can lend a hand:

• Practice your job interview presentation

• Work on your delivery as you practice answering sample interview questions • Get them to ask you these tough interview questions Colleagues in the Industry

Your colleagues in the industry can be a real asset to preparing for an interview, so long as you choose the right ones. Ideally, talk to people who are at a more “senior” level than yourself, who have faced an interview for a similar position. They will know what it takes to succeed. (In fact sometimes successful people can’t articulate what made them successful, but just by observing them you can learn a lot about where you want to go and what is required to get there.)

To learn about how to conduct an informational interview – click here Ultimately when it comes to interview help, as in life, the onus is really on you to help yourself, by being proactive about finding the help you need. Do that, , and you’ll do just fine.

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